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Entrance systems

The equipment for stores, apart from shelves, checkout counters, cooling systems also includes entrance systems as one of the key factors. Different types of gates, partitions and guidance systems at the store entrances help in directing the customers and decreasing the loss created by stealing. Entrance systems include automatic gates, mechanical gates, turnstiles, partitions as necessary parts of every shop.

INPUT doo Company is the general representative for Serbia of entrance systems made by the Swedish company ITAB and we deal with their selling, installation and maintenance. Continuous supply of gates, partitions and spare parts allows the efficient delivery and maintenance. .

Business operations of ITAB are based on production and export of retail equipment, primarily entrance and guidance systems, for retail objects worldwide but also for other institutions (banks, educational institutions…) Thanks to a large number of clients, many years of experience in production and its expertise, ITAB has become a close partner and supplier for some of the world leading retail chains.

Annual losses of European companies are worrying. According to some estimates, 1.5 % of total turnover is lost because of stealing. With entrance systems, safety is increased and losses caused by stealing decrease.

Automatic entrances


The best in class of automatic entrances!
Alphagate MKII is the most advanced, completely equipped automatic entrance which sets new standards on the market. In producing this model they have used the latest technology which provides flexibility, simple operation and the possibility of simple connection between several systems, i.e. several automatic entrances within one object. GateCOM functionality in Alphagate MKII allows normal communication and exchange of messages between all connected entrances. You can simply have several activated devices at the entrances and only one or two connected cores between them will be needed for all communication.

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Alphagate MKII has anti-panic safety function and sound alarm will be activated if the gate is pushed in the opposite direction. Alphagate MKII can also be equipped with safety mechanisms like “childsafe”. As a default function, Alphagate MKII can also be connected with other safety systems within the object, such as fire alarm.


  • Left or right operation, 180 °
  • Automatic resetting of the anti-panic function
  • Multiple communication from GateCOM ™
  • Supports SCO-mode
  • Adjustable time of opening/delay
  • Alarm can be turned on/off
  • Fast opening and slow closing sequences
  • It can be installed as a separate unit
  • Variety of safety characteristics (childsafe), slow stopping, anti-panic…
  • Entrance span, including LED lights as an option
  • Strong and robust construction
  • Entrances can be easily connected for simultaneous operation.
  • Test button for entrance operation…



Practicality and reliability as a standard!
Our Flexigate is an entrance system which is very easy to install, it is flexible and its design has been improved. Flexigate is our Easygate’s relative and they share many internal components.

This automatic entrance system is suitable for many settings and can be installed as a separate unit. It is designed in such a way that even in a small space it meets high demands relating to safety and functionality. All these reasons make this gate one of the best choices for small stores.

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As a default system it is delivered in chrome color with black plastic-coated side panels. This gives it good resistance to damage from shopping trolleys or cleaning equipment. Apart from standard colors, you can choose finishing panels in their characteristic RAL shade and adjust them to your wishes.



Our most economical entrance!
Easygate is our most economical entrance, both in the aspect of price and energy consumption which makes it the “greenest” entrance in our assortment.
Easygate is a good solution for saving space, for stores that demand several parallel entrance lines, so that entrance gates can be effectively installed back to back.

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Easygate offers an extremely effective, yet economical system or safety solution. Reliable and practical, Easygate design simplifies many operational and safety functions.

By default, Easygate comes in black color or our „salt & pepper" shade. You can choose any of the RAL colors so it fits the colors of your corporate premises. Easygate is not available in chrome version.




Mechanical gates or entrances for stores, shops and other retail objects are an effective, yet most economical entrance systems which provide a certain level of safety. Besides safety, mechanical entrance provides the possibility of directing the customers as you wish.
Moreover, mechanical gates can also be suitable as barriers for some business premises, offices, passages...

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Turnstiles are an ideal solution for control of customers' movement. This barrier turnstile represents a compact and effective system which controls the flow of the customers with minimum control.

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We can offer several different types of partitions. All partitions for stores, shops and other retail objects are modular and flexible in order to lead the customer in certain direction. Apart from that, they serve as a physical barrier which will increase the level of protection from stealing.
They are available in several shapes, materials and dimensions so they can adjust to every space and wish.

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Alarmed directional system (ADS) is meant for improvement of safety without the employees, especially of the entrance systems. Safety can also be increased by a preventive warning about suspicious behavior.

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