Our professional team provides you with comprehensive solutions in designing and installation of high quality retail equipment produced using the latest technology, taking in consideration the size and configuration of the space, manner of shopping, type of business, maximum size of an article…

We will meet all your demands and adjust your premises according to the given criteria, within the agreed deadlines. Our engineering team will also fulfill the special demands of the clients along with the efficient delivery, installation and maintenance. Continuous supply of the equipment and spare parts and the experienced maintenance team will ensure timely and optimal solution to all possible problems and failures with the equipment.

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Autoput za Novi Sad 150 b

11000 Belgrade, Serbia


phone: +381(0)11-31 41 387

cell: +381(0)64-97 97 220 (SRB)

cell: +387(0)65- 631 150 (BIH)

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