Warehouse equipment

Our sales programme includes a wide range of warehouse equipment, from light shelves to heavy pallet racks. Bearing capacity ranges from 100 kg per level for warehouse shelves to over 1000 kg for pallet racks. Furnishing your storage facilities with the shelving of this type gives you more space for the efficient and optimal storage of goods in the required way. Possibility to choose different dimensions and high bearing capacity contribute to their universality and applicability for different kinds of products. .
The entire warehouse equipment in our assortment is made by the Italian company ROSSS.

Our basic assortment of warehouse equipment includes:

  • Light warehouse shelving
  • Archive storage
  • Pallet racks
  • Cantilever racks

Warehouse shelving

Depending on the requirements, bearing capacity and space structure, there are two types of warehouse shelving, UNIZINC and UNIMODIAL. As modular and adjustable solutions for different businesses they have become a recognizable product which can meet all your demands.

Archive storage

Train system of modular archive shelves will surprise you with its characteristics!
The time of large storage facilities with archive shelves, planning, preparing and sorting of archive documentation has passed. Archive storage shelves made by ROSSS can save a lot of space.


Pallet racks

Different needs, different solutions!
IRON FIST represents a new generation of pallet racks which are able to fulfill all needs in equipping different types of warehouses and storage rooms.
Girders of pallet racks IRON FIST have been manufactured using the latest technology. They are made of one element, without welding.
Thanks to high quality materials used in the best way and paying a lot of attention to details, posts of pallet racks or storage racks ensure the required stability and safety.

Cantilever racks

SEQUOIA CANTILEVER racks are the most suitable way to store nonstandard products like pipes, profiles and containers of different dimensions.
Cantilever racks for various types of halls and warehouses have a high level of modularity. Wide range of heights and depths allow adjustment to different usages of space and different ways of managing a warehouse.

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